Premium Regional Rib


The HN828+ is a premium regional rib featuring an extra-wide tread design and solid shoulders for enhanced driving stability.

Designed For:

  • Regional Trucks
  • Pick-up and Delivery Trucks


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Wide Solid Shoulders

• Wide solid shoulders with decoupling groove for enhanced stability under all speed conditions

Symmetrical Tread Pattern

• Symmetrical tread pattern design for even weight distribution and improved lateral stability

Extra-Wide Grooves

• Extra-wide grooves channel water into sipes for improved hydroplaning resistance

CodeProduct Code SizeTire Size P.R.Ply Rating L.I.Load Index S.S.Speed Symbol O.D.Outside Diameter S.W.Section Width T.D.Tread Depth R.W.Rim Width S.L.R.Static Load Radius R/MRevolutions / Mile Wt.Tire Weight LCC 1XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Single) LCC 2XLoad Carrying Capacity@PSI (Dual)
          in. in. 32nds   in.   lbs. lbs.@psi lbs.@psi
732302 245/70R19.5 18 141/140 J 33.1 9.8 17 7.50 15.4 625 78 5675@120 5510@120