Snow Ace


The Aeolus Snow Ace AW02 M&S winter tire is designed for maximum safety in all winter conditions. Its directional tread v-profile provides grip, optimal and precise steering performance, excellent handling in dry and wet driving conditions and excellent snow traction. The Snow Ace AW02 is suited for various touring and high performance vehicle applications.


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Directional Tread V-Profile:

• Wide tread grooves allow excellent grip in winter conditions with hard-packed snow

Advanced Silica Nanotechnology:

• Provides exceptional wet and dry traction for improved winter driving


3D Kerf-Lamella Technology:

• Delivers improved wet traction on cold and snow-covered roads

Solid Center Rib Design:

• Improves in-line steering feel, stability and tread wear; creates better comfort and lower noise levels

Severe Service

• Meets severe snow service requirements of RMA/ EU standards.

Code Aeolus Product Code SizeTire Size L.I./S.R. Load Index corresponds to the tire's maximum load-carrying capacity. The Speed Rating corresponds to the tire's maximum speed capability (under optimal conditions) T.D.Tread Depth: the distance from the bottom of the tire's grooves to the top of the tread rubber O.D.Outside Diameter: the distance around the center of the outside tread S.W.Section Width: the width of an inflated tire in inches at its widest point RimRim Width: diameter of the rim in inches
    S.R. 32/in. in.  in. in.
1380237612 175/70R13 82T 11 22.6 6.9 5.00J
1380237669 175/70R14 84T 11 23.7 6.9 5.00J
1380237646 175/65R14 82T 11 22.9 6.9 5.00J
1380237682 185/65R14 XL 86T 11 23.4 7.4 5.50J
1380237668 185/60R14 82T 11 22.7 7.4 5.50J
1380237670 175/65R15 84T 11 23.0 6.9 5.00J
1380237602 185/65R15 88T 11 24.4 7.4 5.50J
1380237671 195/65R15 91H 11 24.9 7.9 6.00J
1380237647 185/60R15 XL 88T 11 23.7 7.4 5.50J
1380237623 195/60R15 88T 11 24.2 7.9 6.00J
1380237665 195/55R15 85H 11 23.4 7.9 6.00J
1380254654 195/55R16 87H 11 24.4 7.9 6.00J