Snow Ace


Tested in Ivalo Finland, the Aeolus Snow Ace AW03 is the ideal high performance M & S winter tire engineered for maximum safety in all winter weather conditions. Its directional tread v-profile provides grip, optimal and precise steering performance, excellent handling in dry and wet driving conditions and excellent snow traction. Non-studdable.


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Directional Tread V-Profile

• Wide tread grooves allow excellent grip in winter conditions with hard-packed snow.

Advanced Silica Nanotechnology:

• Provides improved wet and dry traction for improved winter driving.

3D Kerf-Lamella Technology:

• Delivers improved wet traction on cold and snow-covered roads.

Center Rib Design:

• Improves on-line steering feel, stability and tread wear; creates better comfort and lower noise levels.

Severe Service

• Meets severe snow service requirements of RMA/ EU standards.

Code Aeolus Product Code SizeTire Size L.I./S.R. Load Index corresponds to the tire's maximum load-carrying capacity. The Speed Rating corresponds to the tire's maximum speed capability (under optimal conditions) T.D.Tread Depth: the distance from the bottom of the tire's grooves to the top of the tread rubber O.D.Outside Diameter: the distance around the center of the outside tread S.W.Section Width: the width of an inflated tire in inches at its widest point RimRim Width: diameter of the rim in inches
    S.R. 32/in. in.  in. in.
1380235671 215/65R16 98H 11 27.0 8.7 6.50J
1380237672 205/60R16 92H 11 25.6 8.2 6.00J
1380237681 215/60R16 XL 99H 11 26.1 8.7 6.50J
1380237621 205/55R16 91H 11 24.8 8.4 6.50J
1380237637 205/55R16  XL  94H 11 24.7 8.3 6.50J
1380237622 215/55R16  XL 97V 11 25.2 8.8 7.00J
1380237686 225/55R16  XL  99H 11 25.7 9.1 7.00J
1380237659 215/55R17  XL 98V 11 26.2 8.8 7.00J
1380237632 225/55R17  XL 101V 11 26.7 9.1 7.00J
1380237661 205/50R17  XL 93V 11 25.1 8.4 6.50J
1380237662 215/50R17  XL 95V 11 25.5 8.8 7.00J
1380237610 225/50R17  XL 98V 11 25.9 9.1 7.00J
1380237663 215/45R17  XL 91V 11 24.6 8.3 7.00J
1380237658 225/45R17 91V 11 24.9 8.8 7.50J
1380237634 225/40R18  XL 92V 11 25.0 9.0 8.00J